Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This whole "Mr. Mom" thing has been tough. I never really realized how much work it is to keep this house up and moving. Michelle has been told by the docs that she could take up to 6 months to come back from everything. I can see that the bed rest hasn't been fun, but all of the chores that it takes to keep this house up has been overwhelming as well. Things seem to work okay when there are 2 of us. I feel like i always have twice as many things to do as i have time to do them in. The house has suffered for it - hopefully i can pull it together and get some cleaning done soon.

My youngest Daughter has her Kindergarten graduation tomorrow. It is Hard to believe that this school year is just about over. She has made a lot of changes during this year. She's learned to read. She was the top reader in her class and completed all of the reading levels. She reads all the time. I am glad that she is excited about reading. That is something that I never had. I can read, but I read slow and it makes reading long documents pretty arduous. If she can keep up the reading, it will be great for her in the future.

The baby is doing really well. We had our first appointment since he was born. He is in the 95th percentile for length and 90th for weight. The doctor said that everything looks good and he is a healthy baby. Strange to say, but it was a great relief to hear that everything is looking good.

Well i will sign off for now. Here's to looking forward to a day where i can play a round of golf or go for a ride on the road bike. busy, busy, busy....

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