Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alternative Commuting options

There have been some interesting articles that I have been reading lately about alternative commuting options. There are the usual telecommuting and Carpooling suggestions, but there has been a lot of talk about cycling into work. This has been centrally based in a city setting where a commute is between 10 - 15 miles round trip. That distance can sound like a lot, but when you actually make the ride it isn't too bad. An interesting statistic that was reported through CNN today was that "The Department of Transportation said Monday it had seen the sharpest monthly drop in driving since it began keeping records. In March, Americans drove 11 billion fewer miles than in March of 2007." This is due largely in part to the $4 / gallon gas prices. A lot of commuters have been opting for the bicycle. I see this a lot near my office in Arlington and especially in downtown Washington, D.C. My round trip commute right now is about 140 miles / day. Assuming i would even be able to ride 140 miles / day, my average speed has been about 12 mph. That would give me an average commuting time of 11.7 hours per day of commuting... heh... not likely... I am not anticipating on moving right now (especially with the real estate market the way it is), but if we do move, I would like to have that kind of option to take an alternative to driving in every day.

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