Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Days…

Today was beautiful. The rain finally subsided, the clouds parted, and the sun shined all day long. It was tough working today. I have been working 3 days a week from home since Michelle was put on bed rest. Normally it isn’t too bad since the kids are at school all day. Today was the Democratic Primary in West Virginia so schools were closed. The kids were definitely stir-crazy since they had been in the last few days due to the weather. It was tough working today because of all the commotion from the kids running in and out and throughout the house. At the end of it all, I got what I needed to get done completed.

I had left my bike at the shop after my ride on Saturday. Nothing serious, just some tweaks – Front De-railer adjusted, Front Brakes adjusted, and the rear wheel trued. I drove up today to pick it up. Everything came out great. I got it back home and rigged back up for the MS Ride this weekend.

My oldest is starting to get more curious about the internet. I know that we have raised her well, but there are a lot of weirdo’s out there. I have been contemplating using an application called NetNanny for a while. It is an app that runs on the kids PC and monitors all of her actions. If she does something that goes against the rules that we set up in the app – it pops up an alert and sends an email to me. I am able to generate reports and see where she goes and chat logs (if she has any). I sat down when I installed it and explained that it wasn’t that we didn’t trust her, but it was our way of ensuring that she is safe. She seems okay with it for now – we’ll have to see how things go.

Baby watch is starting to stress me out. The doctors seem concerned one day – and then not the next. So this is playing a yo-yo thing with Michelle and me. Every week we have an appointment. Every week we go through the same scenarios of should we bring the bag for the hospital (in case they send her directly there from the office) or should we not. Even a decision like that isn’t as easy as it sounds. This means we have to check in with the neighbors to determine who is around so that the kids have somewhere to go, dog has someone to help take care of her, blah – blah – blah…

Anyways – that’s about all the fun for now. I am going to sign off and finish watching this Gene Simmons show. Mindless fun ;-)

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