Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dreams ...

    I've had some odd dreams lately.  I thought i'd google around and see what the meaning was behind some of them... 
    Airplane Crash. To dream that a plane crashes signifies that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. You are in danger of having those goals come crashing down. Alternatively, the crashing airplane represents your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt.
    You are able to carry yourself from one situation to another with confidence. To see or dream that you have a flat tire indicates that you are feeling emotionally drained and weary. Your goals are temporarily hindered and as a result, you are unable to progress any further.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

“Help Wanted,” the sign in the shop window read.

This got me thinking.

What about the signs we put in the windows of our life?

“Perfection Wanted,” too many of the signs read.

That’s why I can’t enter my story in the writing contest.
My story needs more work.
I’ll just keep working on it.

That’s why I can’t invite friends over to my house.
My house isn’t fully furnished.
I’ll just wait ‘til I get a sofa.

That’s why I can’t voice my opinion on the issue.
I can’t find the right words.
I’ll just keeping thinking about it until the perfect words come to me.

That’s why I can’t take my kids to that class they would love.
My kids might act up.
I’ll wait until we get our issues sorted out.

That’s why I don’t pick up that instrument.
I can only practice one day a week.
I’ll pick it up when I have more free time.

That’s why I don’t exercise.
I can’t take the stairs without getting winded.
I’ll start when I have more energy.

“Perfection Wanted”
We hang it on the windows of our life and in that act of “waiting until”
We delay the true living of life.

Sure, you might not win the writing contest.
Sure, you might scare someone away with your dust bunnies.
Sure, the kids might act up and embarrass you.
Sure, you might stutter your words or play the wrong notes.
But what if those things don’t even matter?
What if someone looks out her window and sees you putting one foot in front of the other and decides to try?
What if your decision to tear up your “Perfection Wanted” sign inspires someone to tear up his?

You have the power to change the sign you are hanging in the window of your life.

Why not this instead?

Adventure Wanted
Grace Wanted
Authenticity Wanted
Real Living Wanted … and Finally Found Here.

© Rachel Macy Stafford 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


All of the sacrifices I make ... I make for my kids.  I just want them to grow up to be extraordinary people.  To make a difference.  The things I've failed at accomplishing.  I see so much drive and intelligence in them - I am in awe of their potential.   

Thursday, August 28, 2014

O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small…

This Old Breton prayer was inscribed on a block of wood on the desk of President John F. Kennedy. Admiral Hyman Rickover would give it to new submarine captains and also presented one to the President. Kennedy loved the quote and used it in his dedication of the East Coast Memorial to the Missing at Sea, May 23, 1963. He always kept in on his desk in the Oval Office and it is now in the JFK Presidential Museum and Library.
Here is the poem in its entirety:
Thy sea, O God, so great,
My boat so small.
It cannot be that any happy fate
Will me befall
Save as Thy goodness opens paths for me
Through the consuming vastness of the sea.
Thy winds, O God, so strong,
So slight my sail.
How could I curb and bit them on the long
And saltry trail,
Unless Thy love were mightier than the wrath
Of all the tempests that beset my path?
Thy world, O God, so fierce,
And I so frail.
Yet, though its arrows threaten oft to pierce
My fragile mail,
Cities of refuge rise where dangers cease,
Sweet silences abound, and all is peace.
~Winfred Ernest Garrison

I love the ending, “Cities of refuge rise where dangers cease, sweet silences abound, and all is peace.”

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some more quotes...

Continuing to clean up my random notes on my desk...  :)

-  I don't know what I don't know

- Let's work in a spiral evolutionary form

- I am all for helping the needy, just not the lazy

- It's impossible to be biased when you think everyone else are idiots

- Post Hoc, ergo Propter Hoc (After, therefore because of it)

- Can't Loose what you never had

- We make plans and god laughs

Hard Work...

I am no stranger to Hard Work.
Hard Work makes no excuses
Hard Work shows up everyday
Hard Work might fall down
Hard Work gets up & keeps fighting... 

A Man

A Man should always be able to provide for his family... 

Phil Robertson

Product of our Past

It's not easy to change the past, but it's definitely conceivable to change the future - and that's based on what you do today.

What i do today CREATES my tomorrow

I am a product of tomorrow because of what i did today.