Monday, April 21, 2008

Almost a month...

Well, my desire for this blog was to write more often than I have been. It has been a month (almost) since i last wrote. Things have been really hectic around our household. We have the new baby coming. My wife's doctors appointments have gotten out of control. They seem to be on a snipe hunt. I feel like they have it stuck in their craw that there is something a-skew about the pregnancy. Maybe there is - maybe not. So far the tests have come back within normal limits. It is physically and emotionally draining on all of us. I am finding it irritating because I feel like it is taking the luster off what should be an exciting time.

The office has been great with letting me shift my schedule around as needed. I am now working from home 3 days a week. This has been extremely helpful. Shuffling all of these responsibilities has been taxing. It will be worth it in the end so long as "Logan" comes out healthy and beautiful. Heh - The name Logan is still a point of contention between the wife and I. Hopefully this will be one of those things that will stay if I don't give up ;-)

Training for the MS bike ride has been slow going. I am looking forward to the ride. I wish I had more time in my schedule to work in some more rides. I have been trying to attend the shop rides. The shop i bought my bike from has rides that are 30 - 35 miles long. I find these rides important because a 30 mile ride is exactly what i am signed up to do on May 17th. The bike i bought is performing pretty well. I am really looking forward to getting another saddle. The one that came on my Bianchi is very unforgiving. I am riding with padded cycling shorts. I even spent the extra money on a better pair. After the last long ride (34 miles) I was quite saddle sore. The whole biking thing turned out to be more expensive than i anticipated. My objective was to get something better than low end and nothing as nice as high end. I think i did that. It just ended up being more than i thought.

Well that is enough for this evening. I will try to be better about writing. It seems to prove theraputic in a way.

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