Monday, March 31, 2008

Busy, Busy ….

This weekend was one of the busiest that I can remember. It started on Friday with Elizabeth’s birthday. Unfortunately I had to work a full day. We let lizzie pick any place that she wanted to go to dinner. So Once I got home, we left for Frederick to meet my brother and his family at the Japanese Steak House that she has picked the last couple of years. It is a pricey dinner, but the food is GREAT.

Saturday we had our first soccer game. It was a bright and Sunny day. The flip side of that is it was unfortunately cold. I think the biggest issue was that it was really windy. After being out there for 2 hours (length of both kids soccer games) we were more than ready to get out of the cold. We spent the majority of the remaining day cleaning the house. It was in desperate need of it. We planned to have a my brother and a few neighbors over for pizza, cake, & ice cream (since we didn’t do cake on Lizzie’s birthday).

Saturday evening as we watched a movie, I brought my road bike in and installed the cycle computer. The computer has 8 functions, but basically there are 2 functions that I was really looking for. 1- Odometer, so I can track how far I am riding. 2- Cadence, so I can judge how fast / steady I am peddling.

Sunday was another great day. I started out the morning by going on a ride. Just outside of Charles Town they have redone one of the big roads that traverse between Charles Town and Martinsburg. One of the nice things they had incorporated was a paved bike trail off to one side of the road. It was a great opportunity to try out my new cycling shorts and bike computer. The ride was nice, chilly, but nice. All in all I rode about 10.5 miles. I averaged about 11 miles / hour. It was a shorter ride than I anticipated, but with the weather, it was long enough. I am still looking forward to the 30 mile MS bike ride. We had the dinner and Cake Sunday night. It was great to have so many friends and family around. Everyone had a good time.

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