Friday, January 9, 2009

Action Plans

So as I have been trying to think of something original to say on this blog, it has occurred to me that my resolutions are only as good as the plan to execute them (No Plan = No Results). So for this entry what I will do is break my list down into measurable metrics, meaning something that i can say "done with / accomplished that"

1. Spend more time with Family & Friends

This is a pretty ambiguous goal to accomplish. Some ways i am looking to spend more time with my family is to:
- Have Dinner Together. This seems to be something simple, but from the articles i have read they stress the importance of families eating dinner together. The article stated that the more often children have dinner with their parents; the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use illegal drugs. Other reports have linked family dinner to higher grades. At dinner time, families can talk about the day’s events. They can share their successes, and also feel safe enough, hopefully, to share their failures. Additionally, kids can benefit from having this one constant in their ever-changing routines. It can provide stability and security. I am not certain how much validaty I am placing into the importance of Dinner, but it cerainly won't hurt.

- Family Night. Fridays are our family night. Every Friday we get pizza from the mom & pop restaurant down the street and follow it up with a movie at home (nice to have the surround sound). Fridays are our night. We don’t schedule extra curricular activities for that evening and make it a priority to do something together.

- Family Time. About a year ago we starting going out on 1 day adventures with my brother. This was fun for a couple reasons. My brother and his family are really busy so we don't get to visit very much (which sucks when you think that we live less than 20 miles apart). This year I really want to push to go out once a month as a family and do something fun. We have gone to museums, aquariums, "fun centers", etc. I will have to talk with Michelle to decide when we wnat to schedule our outings for... Maybe the last weekend of the month.

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Mom B. said...

Remember when you were growing up, we had dinner together all the time. We had some wild conversations at the table. It may seem awkward at first but just like your family pizza night, you will look forward to it. It is a good way to have family discussions or for the girls to discuss their problem or problems with you and Michelle.