Monday, January 26, 2009

1 - 1

Saturday was our second game this season. We encountered our first loss for the season. It was a GREAT game. The teams were evenly matched. The scoring was back and forth for most of the game. I felt the disadvantage that we had was that the team we were playing had been playing before as a team, so they came into the league already familiar with each other as team mates and familiar with the coach. Most of our team has played before, but no one has played in the indoor league before. I will give it to my team. They played very well. I was very happy with the effort they gave.

Lizzie played her first "game" as goal keeper. She didn't play the whole game as keeper, but she played the first half. She did pretty well considering the team we played. There were a few shots that got by her, but she stopped more than they made, which i will count as a victory... heh. I was proud that even though she missed a couple she didn't give up. She hung in there and finished her time.

This should prove to be a fun season.

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Mom B. said...

It sounds like you are a good coach. Too many would have come down on the team because of the loss. I am glad to hear everyone is having a good time.