Monday, January 19, 2009

1 - 0

I have been an assistant coach for my oldest daughters soccer team for the last couple of seasons. This year we decided to try indoor soccer through our county (Jefferson County Parks and Rec). I am a coach for one of the Division 3 teams (9 & 10 year old). Indoor soccer is played similar to outdoor so far as rules go. It just feels odd playing the game in a gym. There are 4 teams in our division. Our was Team 3. My first assignment to the team was to pick a better name. "Team 3" just doesn't instill fear... heh

So we are now the Lightning Bolts (Bolts for short)

Saturday was our first game of the season. We won! Wohoo! Final score was 7 - 3.

I am looking forward to a fun season.

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