Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

Today the wife and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

12 years by the numbers

  1. 1996 - The year we were married
  2. 22 - The age I was when we got married.
  3. 34 - The age I am now, for those of you with poor math skills :-)
  4. 4380 - The number of days we have been married.
  5. 520 - The number of days we were married before we had kids.
  6. 3 - The number of children we have
  7. 4 - The number of dogs we have had. (Currently 0)
  8. 5 - The number of cars we have had
  9. 1 - The number of house we have bought
  10. 6 - The number of companies we have worked for. (Since we have been married)
  11. 16 - The number of kids birthday’s Celebrated (+1 more in a couple weeks)
  12. 1 - The number of True Loves I have…
So on this day my wife and I have reached another milestone. 12 years committed to each other with 3 beautiful children to show for our efforts. Here is to another great 12 Years....

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Mom B. said...

Happy Anniversary Jon and Michelle. We sent you a card to wish you a Happy Anniversary but it did get out in the mail late. :-( We hope you had a wonderful day and many more to come. Love you both. Mom and Dad