Monday, January 23, 2012

Surprise! We're Expecting!

A Puppy!... lol

That was a joke that we made over the weekend. Michelle and I both Posted the Surprise line on Facebook this past weekend. We found it quite funny, but people took it a little more seriously than i had thought. Within minutes, I started getting the congrats and such. I had to let the joke out once some co-workers were responding. I didn't want to come into work on Monday to see a bunch of congrats notices and such.

Anyways... We are getting a puppy. A Burnese Mountain Dog. It's been a long process of looking at different breeds - comparing their needs - and then finding a breeder. Right now it looks like she'll be coming to us on Feb. 6th. I am really looking forward to getting her!
Here are some pictures of the puppy at 6wks.


Mom B. said...

She is very cute Jon. Have you picked a name yet? Is the breeder sending her or are you picking up?

Moose said...

We haven't come up with a definite name yet, but so far we are leaning towards 'Harper'.

The breeder will be flying her from virginia to us. It just didn't make sense to fly out and get her myself.