Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 !

For 2011 I decided to make my resolutions pretty simple. I was going to go back through my "bucket list" that I had started in 2009 and work towards making things happen. That was going to be my theme for 2011 - Make it happen.
Well 2011 was full of changes. Some good, Some Bad. I've begun to see changes just as that - just changes. They are all both good and bad. To every Ying there is a Yang. The trick is to find the positive in things. Why struggle with dragging yourself down with the stress of change? Well for 2012, I am going to set some new goals....

  1. I still like my bucket list, I will evaluate that list and begin to work towards it
  2. Visit an Art Museum (with the kids - It'll be nice to get them some more exposure to the world)
  3. Loose 50 lbs. - My target weight is 190. Definitely think it's obtainable, but it's going to require me to make some life changes. It's time to be more healthy.
  4. Make Smores - Not conducive to the previous one, but It's always a good way to spend time with the family
  5. Dress Up More - I've gotten lax with the relaxed dress code at work. They say clothes make the man. I am going to strive to take my appearance more seriously.
  6. Try Harder - In general. Everything I want to do will require me to try harder.
  7. Drink more Water (and less Soda) - A key change to make me healthier
  8. Be Happy and Healthy & look for the silver lining in 2012...

To all my friends and family, I love you & wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year ! ~

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