Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whoa! 41 days till when ?

So I have been asked for some Christmas ideas. I will start to work with Michelle and get the kids & Michelle to come up with some ideas. I am sure they will be posted over on her site. Here is my first stab at a Christmas Idea list....

- Car adapter for my I-pod Touch (to allow me to play the ipod in the car)
- Gift card towards a boom box that has an ipod adapter (so i can work in the garage with the ipod music)
- Sears Gift Certificate towards a bench top drill press (Craftsman 12" - $199)
- X-Box 360 games (Gears of War 2, Fallout 3) or Wireless Networking Adapter (X-box specific)
- I tunes gift card (Michelle would be happy about that)
- Visa Gift card or something to help me save for the trainer i want for my Road Bike (
I am having a hard time with this list. The things I want all seem pretty pricey as i try to think of stuff and as such they don't translate well to reasonable gifts. Life just seems to always get more and more expensive (or maybe it's my tastes - heh).

I am into cycling, so maybe Cycling Jerseys - although they can get pretty pricey too. I typically wear a XXL. I have not had much time at all to go biking lately, which is what is motivating my desire for the trainer as it is something i can do with my bike at the house.

I like wood working, but the shop is in a state of transition so i am not sure what the new space will be able to hold. Since i don't have a lot of time to put towards that lately, it's hard for me to judge what i could use. Something i had wanted to get is a nice wood Chisel Set. There are 2 problems with those (1) I am not sure what kind i am looking for (2) the rough search i have done for nice wood working chisels all seem to be pricey.

I could use a grill cover. The dogs did a pretty good number on the last one we had. I would have to measure the grill up again.

I enjoy wine - So that is always a good idea. I like Shiraz, Syrah, German Rieslings, etc. I like to try all kinds of new wines so i am not really stuck on any one thing. One that i am looking to try when my dad comes out is the 2006 Vi De Nulles Blanc. I just saw a review on the wine and it got RAVE reviews, so i will have to order that for Christmas when i have some people to help me consume some wine :-).

The fall back is that the money goes towards the kids Christmas and College Savings Plan. I have to honestly say that my biggest joy during this time of year is getting to spend so much family time. I never get to visit with Mom & Dad, since they decided to move out west once we bought our house out here. I really enjoy the time that they are able to spend with us. I know if they lived closer the Boys (My Dad, Brother, and I) would definately get out to play more golf and the tinkering projects.

Wow - This has been my longest post in a while. My life has been unhinged lately and I have been stressed over so many things. So I haven't taken much time to much "me" stuff :-(

Anyways - that’s about all i have for now. If i can think of anything else I will post things back up. Keep an eye out on Michelle's blog for the kids and her ideas.


Mom B. said...

You know we did not decide to move out west just because you bought a house - that sounds terrible. It was a company move. I was just as upset as anyone. Thanks for the suggestions.

Moose said...

I know it wasn't the decision to move out west wasn't because we bought a house - It was just ironic that it happened that way.