Friday, February 7, 2014

God ... Are you there?

A thought popped into my head today that I felt was an appropriate way to start this entry out.

The thing that always bothered me about the idea of God is that he gets to always be right. The sky opens up and delivers rain to grow crops. Praise be to him. The sky dries up and the land follows suit. He tests our faith. Praise be to him. Maybe its scarier to think that God is just like us. Riddled with flaws. Imperfect. Angry. Jealous. Quick to judgement.

But lets not forget he is all forgiving. Maybe because if he is real then just maybe he is like us. And maybe thats not scarier. Maybe thats reassuring; that we’re all kind of messed up I mean. That its fine.

So let God be the rainmaker. Let those who praise eventuality and randomness praise. I’ll store my rainwater on the cloudy days for those that are not. I’ll share my water with those who don’t think the same. Not for a seat at the table with an infallible creator but because religion doesn’t matter. People matter.

I wish more people thought like that. That more realized how infinite they think God is, runs parallel to how infinite reality is…then again “reality” is what we make it.

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