Friday, October 23, 2009

Cost of Living

Found an interesting book in the break room today called “Remember When”. It has all sorts of information about the year I was born. In looking through it, I came across a page titled “Cost of Living” and was amazed at how much the average prices have changed in 35 years. Here are some that I wrote down.

New House - $27,600
Average Income - $11,859 / year
New Car - $3,853
Average rent - $165 / month
Tuition to Harvard University - $2,800
Movie ticket - $1.75
Gasoline - $.55 / gallon
Postage Stamp - $.08
Bacon - $.83 / pound
Eggs - $.45 / dozen
Ground Hamburger - $.64 / pound
Milk - $1.20 / gallon

Wow – How times have changed. It makes me stop and wonder sometimes about why the cost of living has gotten so out of control. Modern Technology and such is great - but at what cost. If you have to make 10 times the amount of money to keep up with the changing times, is it really worth it? Tough times ...


Mom B. said...

This is why our first house cost us $25,000 and even then it was hard to make sure we had enough for the down payment. Everything fits together. Those things seem so low compared to now. You remember us telling you things like when Dad got his first car, a VW bug, which was only $2,000, but it was expensive at the time. Cheap now and how you wish those rates are in force now.

Anonymous said...

Of course everything is realitive. if you multiply the average income by 10, then logic would say everything else could be multiplied by 10.

one interesting note, while most things are up 10 fold, the price of food has stayed realitive low....