Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Been a while -

It's been a while since i have posted anything of substance. I originally started blogging so that I would have a venue to get the thoughts out of my head and down on paper (electronic anyways). I tend to think way to much into things and get lost in my own thoughts a lot.

I have begun training for this years MS Bike Ride. I plan on riding 60 miles this year. Last year i rode the 30 miles and still had plenty of legs left when i finished. I think the benefit that i had last year were some of my training rides i went on were way tougher than the actual ride. Trails End Cycling is where i purchased my road bike from. They host weekly training rides that start from the shop and go for either 35 or 75 miles. They have a no drop policy which makes the rides nice since no one is left behind. The 35 mile ride is the one i went on and it kicked my butt. It did, however, set my level of training. Needless to say it was overkill, and I finished in the top 5 of the 30 milers. This year since I have signed up for the 60 mile route, I am feeling the pressure to kick up the training a bit more. My first training ride out of the gate this year was a 30 mile route on the WO&D trail. We started at Trails End (since that's where it sits) and rode out to Goose Creek (Near Ashburn, VA). This point is right at 15 miles from the shop, so it made a convenient turn around point. Total training ride took me 2.5 hours to complete with an average speed of 12.5 mph and a top speed of 23mph. It is safe to say that 30 miles was probably a bit too aggressive for my first ride out, but on the plus side - I finished it. I felt like garbage towards the end of the ride and all that evening. I thought that i pushed my self too hard and that was my body's way of telling me to F' off (heh). Another day went by and I was feeling worse. I decided to make a trip to the doctors office (something I rarely do). Turns out that I had Strep Throat. That would explain why i felt the way i did. I have been on a self directed break till I feel a little better - best not take too long though.

Denver or Bust ? We have been looking at a Denver move for a couple years now. We don't have much of a support system in the area that we live in now and the abundance of possibilities that would be available in the Denver / Boulder area just seems to good to pass up. The schools are newer and seem better funded than the ones we have here. The communities all have rec centers and the extra-curricular options leave the kids with more decisions than they could want. My mother and brother - in - law live in the area. My sister and her kids live in the area as well. The have all shown interest in spending time with us and being part of our kids lives. My wife went to H.S. in that area and still has friends that never left and still keeps in touch with. It would be nice for her to have a support group to help her out as well. finding a job 1500+ miles away has proven to be a challenge. I had a couple nibbles so we started to talk to Realtors to see what our house is worth and how long it would take to sell. My wife did the majority of the talking with the Realtors. It turns out that our area has been hit by the economic recession / depression pretty hard and we have lost close to 100k in equity. The upside is that we are still in the black. The down side is that it still isn't enough for us to sell and come out with the money that i wanted to have. My desires is to sell the house and use the equity to clear all of the household debt, have 75k for a down payment, and have 20k for a "decorating" / move-in budget. I just don't know how to do it if those things can't be accomplished. I am willing to bend a lot on the decorating budget, but the other items feel like show stoppers. It is incredibly frustrating and has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I am uncertain on what the best option for this is.

The Infirmary - There has been a funk floating through our house. Everyone in our house has been sick in some fashion over the last month or so. It has made life hard on everyone. I will be really happy (and so would my wife) when we are all finally able to shake whatever it is.

Thrill of the Hunt - The job market in the area has been okay. My job has been solid over the last 2+ years that i have been with this employer. The crappy part of my day comes with the 70 mile commute that i make ever morning and evening going to and from work (140 miles / day). I floated my resume around and had quite a few offers. There have been only two that I have taken seriously. The first was a position doing the same kind of work, but for a manager I had worked for previously. He and I get along great, and it would be nice to work with him again. The second I have fretted about a long ago as this morning. It is a job with a small firm that has won a DoD contract with the Coast Guard. This position would put me 14 miles from home (each way). Wow that would make for a great commute. After a lot of deep soul searching, I have decided to pass on the opportunity. My current employer has really treated me right and has a ton of incentives to stay.

Indoor soccer has ended. This was the first time that i have coached solo. I am usually helping another coach. Indoor soccer was my idea to keep Elizabeth moving over the winter so she wouldn't have such a big hurdle when we started back up with Spring soccer. Indoor soccer was enjoyable, but i am really happy it is done. The way the county had the league set up made it less than desirable to coach for. I don't think i will do that league again.

There are a ton of other topics i want to get off of my mind, but i just don't have the time right now...

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